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Victoria Swatek-Hutton


Master's in Science, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor having earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University, where I enjoyed learning in a small cohesive cohort model with a focus on the practical application of counseling techniques. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Parks and Recreation Administration with a sequence in sports management at Illinois State University which enhanced my love of the outdoors and dedication to personal health and balance.


I have a strong dedication to health and well-being and as such has spent the last ten years working with individuals and programs that promote physical health and mental balance in both children and adults. I started a more focused journey of mental health by participating as one of five integrative medicine interns in a pioneer program exploring mental health services and their practicality in a hospital environment. I honed my skills learning mindfulness, exploring art therapy and autogenic relaxation and applying those techniques to the hospital environment at Alaska Regional Hospital. I delivered these skills to a wide range of patients covering those with depression, chronic pain, anxiety, trauma and co-morbidity. I contributed to research and overall wellness as part of my internship and formed lasting meaningful relationships with my peers and hospital staff. Moving forward I have been working for an agency focusing on childhood trauma and delivering trauma informed care to not only children but to their biological families, foster families and loved ones. I have worked hard to deliver the most effective and informed care fostering relationships with other agencies such as DJJ, OCS, all age-level schools and other mental health facilities. I believe firmly in wrap around care and my ability and dedication to liason with other state and local agencies is a skill I plan to implement continuously throughout my career. I continue to strive to increase the mental and physical wellbeing of all groups with an emphasis on the individual needs of the client, a plan I intend to continue in my own practice.

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Summer Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am to 12::00 pm 
Saturday & Sunday : Closed

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