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Therapy Services

Stacking Blocks

Individual Therapy

Provides children, teens and adults, a safe secure

place to engage in self exploration, emotional processing and life management.

Specific treatment plans will be developed to address

the needs and desires of the client with collaboration of the supervising adults in their


Clients over the age of 18 will have the opportunity to

individualize their treatment plans with equal or less involvement of supervising adults at

their request.

Therapy will be supervised by the  provider and utmost care will be taken to meet the needs of the client with respect to their individual needs. 

Family Fishing

Family Therapy

Provides an open communicative space for

family members to address problematic

family dynamics

Provides skills and encouragement leading

to relationship insight and improved


Provides a time to learn and practice

healthy relationship skills in a therapeutic

setting that can then be translated to the

home, school, and community setting

Group Therapy

Trauma Informed Therapy

Children and young adults often have

traumatic experiences, a safe nurturing space

will be provided to encourage healing and

forward growth

Evidenced based practices will be applied

through careful caring supervision to

maintain the safety and security of the client.

This space will be a time for clients to grieve,

overcome, establish, embrace, and

breakthrough the binding emotions keeping

them from living their life to the fullest.


Parenting Skills

Family dynamics can be complex and at times frustrating, and

families can often use support to increase communication and handle any difficulties

that may arise in the home.

Parenting Skills can offer resources and skills training in a

therapeutic and safe learning environment that can be useful

in better behavior management and home leadership styles that everyone in the home environment can benefit from.

These skills will be

 evidenced based and tailored to meet the clients

individual family needs and able to be implemented in the home,

school, and community environment.

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